About us

We provide solutions that help boost business growth in medium-sized and large enterprises.

We believe the best way to develop as a company is to create an exceptional customer experience.


To achieve this, FrodX’s approach is to focus on solving complex problems in four areas where we can help you improve your customer experience and boost your business growth.

What's it like to work with us?


Opportunity analysis and potential assessment

Based on the business starting points for growth, we prepare an opportunity analysis and an assessment of the potential for business development by improving the customer experience.


Plan for the implementation of the innovation

We prepare a customer experience strategy, technical specification, and a project plan.


Development and implementation of solutions

From a substantive and technical point of view, we develop and implement solutions that lead to your business growth.


Onboarding client's employees on new processes and new solutions

We ensure that employees are informed and trained to work with new processes and tools.


Analysis and optimization

In a periodical process, we analyze and optimize campaigns until the results provide a return on the investment.


The values that guide our work are:

  • satisfied customers,
  • continuous learning,
  • open communication, and
  • the wellbeing of everyone at the company.


We have a simple mission: to boost the business growth of our clients.


We have a clear vision: we will become the most convincing provider of solutions for business growth with a pay-as-you-go business model. We will set the standards for the "growth of business as a service.”


We provide our services in more than 25 countries worldwide

Our manifesto

We constantly test, adapt, and upgrade all our solutions. If necessary, we replace them with new ones. The customer experience keeps changing, and the solutions that work today may prove less suitable tomorrow. So, what you can expect from working with us is a long-term partnership for growth.